CBC Hawaii

The Childcare Business Coalition

The Childcare Business Coalition is committed to quality education for Hawaii’s young children. Since 1997 the Childcare Business Coalition, has represented all of the major multi-site providers in Hawaii, across four islands. This group has come together to represent the needs of not only young children but also of the early care and education industry in Hawaii.

What We Offer

Collectively our organizations generate in excess of $300,000 annually to provide tuition assistance to those families who do not qualify for state assistance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote quality center-based early education and care which is accessible to all families with young children ages six weeks to five years-old and to promote public policies which support that effort.

Who We Are

The Childcare Business Coalition has a membership of all the major multi-site providers in Hawaii, operating on four islands. Together, we serve over 4,000 young children as young as 6-weeks old up through 5-years old each year. 

Everyday, thousands of children attend early education programs which lay the foundation for lifelong learning and success.  These programs also ensure that parents can go to work knowing their child is in a safe, healthy and learning environment. 

KCAA Preschools of Hawai'i
The Cole Academy
Rainbow Schools
Hawaii Baptist Early Education Association